Mutate Objects


Sometimes you need to change the base class of an existing object (e.g. as preparation for class deletions) - Mutate.exe allows you to change the object class if the source and target class are similar enough. Use with care.

To mutate an object from one class definition to another, the two definitions need to have matching mandatory attributes and schema rules. For example, a User object can be mutated to an Organizational Person object because both definitions are effective classes and share the same mandatory attributes, naming attributes, and containment rules. However, the User class definition has many more optional attributes defined than the Organizational Person class. If the object you are mutating has values in some of these attributes, the information will be lost.

If an auxiliary class has been added to the object, the auxiliary class attributes and their values will mutate to the new object.

Mutation can only take place if the excess attributes that are not available in the target class are deleted.

You can mutate such objects by first deleting these excess attributes. The value information in these attributes will be lost.


  • Select the tree, container, and double-click on the target object

  • Review the object's current classes and select the target class
    The potential attributes of the current and the target class are displayed

  • Review the messages in the right window to identify possible conversion problems

  • You can change the class after removing all object's attributes that are not allowed for the target class

    This is not possible, if one or more of these attributes are mandatory

    Conflicting attributes are marked with "-", "*", or "!"

    "-" indicates mandatory attributes on the target that need to be present before mutation

    "!" indicates mandatory attributes on the source that cannot be removed and prevent mutation

    "*" indicates optional attributes that can be deleted before mutating the object

Use "Mutate" with care since it may have a serious impact on the selected objects (well, that's what it's all about, isn't it?)

It is strongly recommended that you have a verified backup of your eDirectory before mutating objects.

To save any of the result screens right-click on the respective info box.

To run the application, you must have the NetWare Client32 software installed.


Windows Win9x/Me / Win32 (WinNT/Win2k/WinXP)


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