RiteHere: Identify Effective File Systems Rights


This application allows you to scan for the effective trustee rights one or more NetWare directories.

You can add the target directories to a list and decide individually, what directories to analyze.

Once you have selected your targets, you can start the scan - the results will be displayed during the scan.


  • Tab "Select Start Path"
    • Select a fileserver and a start directory (any volume or any subdirectory)
    • You may add one or multiple paths that are to be scanned.
    • The path is selected by double-clicking on it, and it will be displayed in the lower window.
    • Your selection will be saved for your next session.
    • The checkbox indicates, if the path is included during the next scan.
  • Tab "Scan for Trustees"
    • Choose a verbosity level between 1 (summary info) and 5 (detailed debug info)
    • Click "Scan for Effective Trustees" to start the search.
  • Getting results
    • The results context menu (right mouse click) offers the option to save the results as a text file
  • Getting the registered version

Note: the results will be incomplete if you do not have sufficient rights

Changes Log:
  • 2004/02 Initial version
  • 2005/03 Switch between summary view and details view

Latest .exe: 6/14/05

Windows Win95/98 / WinNT/Win2k/WinXP

Requires: NetWare Client32 / NWErr32.dll, available from http://www.geocities.com/wstools/f_nds.html.


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