Purpose: Read existing iManager definitions (Modules, Roles, Tasks, Books) from eDirectory and export them to an installable XML file.

iMgrExport allows you to selectively export category/role/task/book declarations from an eDirectory tree with an existing iManager installation.

iMgrExport will thereby provide a good starting base for developers who create their own custom iManager modules.

Check for details on adapting the resulting XML file to your needs.


  • Select the container that contains your iManager collection(s) of tasks.

    iMgrExport will scan all subcontainers of the selected entry

  • iMgrExport will show all modules, roles, tasks, books

    Mark the ones that you want to export into an XML file.

    You may use a filter to automatically mark entries that match a given string

  • Save the resulting XML file.

    You may modify the file according to your needs.

  • To use the tasks on a different server, do not forget to copy the JSP files
    that are referenced in the "<merge-template>" tags

  • iMgrExport will NOT export book pages, since these are not installed into eDirectory.

    To export book pages, copy the page definitions (nps\portal\modules\[your module]\plugins)

    and the respective page JSPs (nps\portal\modules\[your module]\skins\...)


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