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With the growing number of available snap-ins for ConsoleOne (C1) the time for the application to start is rapidly growing. In many situations not all snap-ins are needed for the current task, and sometimes loading a specific snap-in may even be undesirable.


C1x uses a very simple method to approach this problem:

Using a checkbox selector you can select the snap-ins that you want to load; all other snap-ins are temporarily disabled.

In the background, C1X creates temporary directories (e.g., C:\Novell\consoleone\1.2\inactive*) and moves unused snap-ins into these subdirectories until they are reactivated with C1X.


No setup is required, but if you keep the ConsoleOne application in some other directory than the default (C:\Novell\consoleone\1.2), this path has to be entered when starting C1X for the first time.Note: Enter the ConsoleOne base path - the one which has all the subdirectories like "bin", "lib" etc.

After snap-in selection, you may start ConsoleOne from the GUI, or use your normal ConsoleOne shortcut, since the unwanted snap-ins are disabled.

To re-enable any snap-in, simply check the respective checkbox in C1X.

The most recent version of C1X, as well as other cool tools - can be found at

To run the application, you must have the NetWare Client32 software installed.

Last Update 2006-05: v1.3b Fixed "ConsoleOne" not found error



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