HowTo: Use IDM Designer to create sorted MVCheckboxes in IDM User Application

When adding a MVCheckbox field to your request or approval form in IDM Designer, the individual items will be automatically sorted by their localized item label.

This may be desired in many cases, but there may be cases where you prefer to create your own custom item order.

This can be easily achieved by adding a dummy HTML comment field as label prefix, since now the parser will include this dummy comment when determining the sort order.

Since we are using an HTML comment, it's contents will not be displayed on the form.

If your form needs to support multiple locales, do not forget to add the comment prefix to all localized checkbox labels.

Of course you may utilize the same trick to display other lists (e.g. PickList, StaticList, or GlobalList) in your custom sort order.

You may also combine this approach with the approach outlined in the article "HowTo: Use IDM Designer to create vertically aligned MVCheckboxes in IDM User Application" to create sorted, vertically aligned checkboxes.


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