Novell Client Documenter


This utility helps us quickly determine how many workstations were missed during an ACU push. This utility has become an invaluable asset to us here, hopefully it can help others as well.

This utility will help network admins inventory the workstation Novell client version, which can then be sorted by Valid or Invalid based on the check. Currently the check is set to 4.83-2 which is what we use as the standard client level. This can be changed in the code, or by suppling a a command line path to store files.

Updated 7-18-02:
Added new command line params: can supply both the path for log files and the check condition...

Specify the location with an /l:Location
Specify client check with an /c:ClientVer

Example: clientdoc.exe /l:\\Server\sys\public\logs /c:4.83-3
                clientdoc.exe /c:4.83 /l:Z:\public\logs\

To install, edit the source to your particular needs or leave it as the defaults, add to login script.

To use, run from a login script or ZENworks object. You can supply a path to store log files via a command line. The default is program directory \Logs. If you supply a path, the logs will not be sorted, all logs will be put in said directory. To change the Check condition for the sorted option, edit the "4.83-2" in the writeLog function to whatever you like.


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