HOMES 3.06.08


You can use the program to create new home directories, or use the program for re-creation of the HOME DIRECTORY attribute in the NDS after a migration, and so on.

The program has a few different user selection options, e.g.: Context, Group, or LDIF file and more..

You can select if you want to create the NDS home attribute or the HOME.DIRECTORY itself (or both), and you can set the directory attributes, trustee rights, volume-space restrictions or directory quotas or ownership for all files in a HOME DIRECTORY (especially useful after a migration).

..The program can also mass remove home directories..

Other features of the program:

  • CVS import.
  • Set/Clear Default server of a user.
  • Alias support in context search.
  • Conditionally set the UserSpace/directory quota's.

See this Cool Solutions article.

There is also an extended version of this program (MassUser). That version is not free.

HOMES 3.06.08:

New option added:

  • The time a hint text shows can be set on the settings tab (as requested in the user comments).

  • The default show time is set to 5 seconds.

HOMES 3.04.02:

Bug fix:
There is a bug in the function "Use Volume/Path from below" in combination
with the %strstr, %endstr etc.

The path for the first user was correctly evaluated but for all other users the path was wrong.

Three new functions added to the function list.



%lowerstrstr(attribute,length)       will result in a lowercase start

DO NOT use function in functions! So no


This will be supported in a new version.

Bug fix: Regular expressions.

In some case the program forced the full directory path
to lowercase. The case is now preserved.

HOMES 3.03.30 new features:

  • Mapping file. You can create home directories based on the context of the

  • New layout, so there is more room for the log-file and options.

  • Some bug fixes.



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