Vista UAC Maker Console


Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003

This is the console tool to quickly make your application Vista UAC compliant. I have got couple of requests to make console version of VistaUACMaker. This console version
will make it easy to automate the entire process of building the binary and then making it Vista UAC compliant.

Vista is coming with new feature called User Account Control in short UAC which will control the way in which applications are executed by different user. The applications which access certain parts of registry and system folders, has to be made UAC compliant to work properly on Vista. By making application UAC compliant means that you have to inform Vista, the privilege level required by your application and other such information. This can be achieved by embedding manifest file containing all these details into the existing executable file.

This tool automates the above task and helps you to make your application Vista UAC compliant easily.

How to use this tool?

Here is the description on how to use this tool and example is mentioned below.


 VistaUACMakerConsole [-d <description>] [-p <priv level>] [-ui] {exe_path}


-d      Description of the project (default value: My project)
-p Privilege level required, possible values: admin, invoker, highest (default:admin)
admin = administrator
invoker = same as parent process
highest = Highest possible level for the user
-ui Specify if the executable drives input to higher windows.
(Default action is not to set this flag)


VistaUACMakerConsole -d "my project" -p admin "d:\My Projects\VistaProject.exe"


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