Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

Screenshot of iManager Plugin Installer

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It automatically installs trusted root certificate from eDirectory server to local java key store. This is required for some of the iManager (Standalone) plugins which communicate over secure channel.

Some of the iManager plugins of Novell Secure Login such as pcProx, Secure Workstation uses SSL to connect to eDirectory. This requires server certificate to be imported into the local java key store which is used by iManager. Also this tool can be used for any of the iManager plugins which rely on SSL communication to eDirectory.

Note that this tool is applicable to standalone iManager version on windows platform only.

This tool automates the manual steps for importing certificate mentioned in the link below.

How to use this application

  • First launch the ImportCert application. You will see the similar dialog box as shown above.

  • Now enter the IP address of the eDirectory server.

  • Next specify the path of java SDK on your local machine.

  • Now press "InstallCertificate" button which will import the certificate into local java key store.

  • If everything goes well you will see the following message.

    "Certificate installed to local java keystore successfully".

  • Once the certificate is imported, you must restart the tomcat service so that new installed certificate will be effective.

Note that there is no problem if you install the same server certificate multiple times. It will just create duplicate entries in the local store.

For more information refer to readme.txt file provided with the tool.


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