Novell SecureLogin Credential Manager Library (Java)

This jar provides set of APIs manage or export the encrypted NSL credentials stored in eDirectory. The credentials include different Novell SecureLogin entries namely the application scripts, preferences, password policies and pass phrase questions in the form of XML file.

What it does?
The scope of this library is to simply export the NSL credential for a user object or a container in XML string and also synchronizes the credential from a source user object to the destination user object.

How to use it?

Please refer to the sample code and javaDoc in the zip file.

When to use this jar?

With the current version of NSL, there is no way to get the decrypted SecureLogin credentials for any user object. This jar can be used to export the secureLogin credentials in XML string.

There can be multiple use cases, for instance the very purpose of developing this jar is to enable IDM Loopback driver to synchronize the SecureLogin scripts across containers.

IDM loopback connector is to be used for distributing and synchronizing Novell SecureLogin scripts from the central repository to the regional servers within customer's tree. The central repository container will have the global scripts which are replicated to all the regional servers and these scripts are not to be modified by the local administrator. IDM loopback driver should identify if there’s any such modification done on the global scripts and reset the modified global script with the one in the central repository. IDM loopback driver requires NSL APIs for getting the unencrypted NSL scripts and preferences to identify for any modification and to reset the original script from the central repository.

Supported version: Novell secureLogin 6.1 and above (any patch version)

How to use this jar with IDM driver?
There will be a separate posting with details on how to use this with IDM drivers which is planned to be posted shortly.



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  • Regarding sample rules from a Null or Loopback driver to use these classes?
    There will be separate posting on how to use this jar with Loopback driver which is in progress.

    Is there any chance of moving credentails from tree to tree with this toolkit?

    yes, this can be done by iterating the each objects in the tree. Its not in the scope of this jar to move the credentials from tree to tree in a single shot.

    Note: I have modified the description with more details.

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