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How to check run-time status of a freshly installed, upgraded or migrated DSfW server ?




The health check of a DSfW server can be done by executing script . The check runs command-line tools for validating various protocols and services associated with DSfW. If an OES server is installed and configured with Domain Services for Windows technology, it is recommended to check whether DSfW is working properly. Also, It is a good practice to periodically
check the health of s DSfW server. 




./ all      runs all options except backup options
./ ndsd runs only eDirectory specific checks
./ na runs script with out requiring authentication
./ na_all runs script with no authentication and all options that do not require auth
./ no auth runs for DSfW Servers, not required for eDir server
./ -h to see all script options
./ -l to list configuration options


Additional Information


Administrators can themselves root cause many configuration issues with the script. Even if they cannot, sharing status of the script in SR can speed up the response time and turnaround time.

The script performs 75 tests to check the health of server and reports the errors and warnings if any. For a failed test, the script gives a prompt for quick fix or it suggests a TID to follow.

Added some new scenarios and enhancements in oes2018sp3 and  it is integrated as part of support-config and the new script performs 92 tests.

The health-check can be performed on any non-name mapped or name mapped PDC, ADC and CDC server.

Identified health check script issues on OES2023 due to platform changes and fixed  DSfW server. The updated script is available here:


Support Tip
Comment List
  • Script needs adjustment. It depends on ifconfig, which command is obsolete in OES2023. Also other options, like Suse-release do not exist anymore.