pcProx Card Reader


Target Platform: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.

Screenshot of pcProx Reader:

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  1. pcProx USB/Serial Reader

  • HID card

  • PC with Windows OS

How to use this application :

First connect the pcProx reader to your desktop and place your HID card on the
reader. As soon as you place the card on the reader, LED will glow green. There
may be other readers which may not have LED.

Once the h/w setup is ready, run the pcProx reader application and press the
"Scan pcProx ID" button. Your card ID will be displayed in the text box
in both decimal and hex format.

If reader is not connected properly or card is not placed on the reader then
appropriate error message will be displayed.

Uses of this application :

  1. To quickly check the correctness of the h/w configuration while setting up Novell Secure Login product with NMAS pcProx authentication method.

  • Useful for troubleshooting any problems with pcProx reader or card.

  • In case of manual registration process, user can find out their HID card ID
    and send it for registration.

  • Just for your knowledge, you can find out the ID number of the HID card that you are carrying.


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