This tool generates XDS events of add, modify, rename, move, and delete.


  1. Download the XDSInput.zip file.
  2. Extract it in a separated folder.
  3. Create a folder for the utility to place XDS files for DirXML.
default: "C:\XML\input"
  • Start the utility by launching XDSInput.exe.

Using XDSInput

  1. Select the Type of XDS event you want to create. "add, delete, ..."
  2. Set values for the attributes of the event.
  3. Click "Run" to generate the event. The event should show in the text box, as well as the event written to a file named "[event].xml." So for an add event the file created would be add.xml.

Note: When you click "Run", if nothing happened, verify that the "Input Directory" is a valid path. The default directory where these files are placed is "C:\XML\input".

Known Issues

  1. Error reporting is at a minimum. If something is not working then check your settings.

Read this article in DirXML Cool Solutions.


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