Automated NetWare Volume Inventory Retrieval


The script is written in perl and can be run as a script, or you can download the script that has been compiled as an exe. This way you can run this on Linux or Windows.

Requirements - script mode:


Perl Modules (Crypt::SSLeay, WWW::Mechanize, LWP, LWP::UserAgent, MIME::Base64, Posix)

OpenSSL Libraries

* You can just download the ActiveState Perl distribution for your platform as it contains all of the necessary Perl modules -

Requirements - exe mode:

MS Visual C 2008 Redistributables:

Win32 OpenSSL v0.9.8k Light Installer: - (choose the defaults)

Command usage:

getreport ipaddr/dns-name-of-server password

The script will connect to the server on port 8009 and submit a request for a current volume inventory of any physical volume on the server (it ignores _ADMIN).

The html files generated will be saved in a directory named with the ip address or dns name that the script was run with. The files will be saved with the naming convention of VOLUMENAME-inventory-DATESTAMP.html.

This way you can create a scheduled task or batch file for multiple servers and have data saved for trending purposes.



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