DVD back-up script with installer and command line options


Handy script for anyone who wishes to make regular backups of, for instance, their 'Document' directory. Put a blank DVD in your recorder, type
'backupdvd' and the backup will be burned. During the easy installation
procedure, you fill in the path to your DVD recorder, the path to the
directory to be backed up and (optional) the path to sub-directories which
are allowed to be excluded from the backup, in case the backup size (some
day) exceeds the size of a DVD.

The script will then automatically exclude those sub-directories when needed
and notify you about it in the log file.

You can also use command line options to define the directories you want to
back up, to add extra directories for auto-exclusion, to set the burn speed
and to list and change your default settings.

The date will be added to the DVD's volume ID and a log file is automatically
appended to the DVD and your home directory.

Suitable for anyone who regularly makes backups to DVD..


version 1.2.5

- a user reported a small but annoying bug in version 1.2.4.
This version fixes this problem.

version 1.2.4

- a user reported problems with the date format used in the script (%x),
which is locale specific (see reader comments). %x seems to return '/'
instead of the locale specific date format when the locale is not specified.
This version fixes this problem.

version 1.2.3
- Added: command line option -d to burn DVD with default setting (see also

- Fixed: some outdated references to 'backupdvdinstall' replaced with the
correct 'backupdvd -c'.

- Fixed: logfile wasn't added to DVD, but only to your home directory. This is
fixed now.

- Ulf Wostner emailed me some suggestions (thanks Ulf):

- DVD volume label consists of less characters now, because the last character
seemed to fall off.

- backupdvd without options now returns help and does not burn the DVD (use -d
option to burn a DVD with default settings).

This is done to avoid burning a DVD unintentionally by giving the plain
backupdvd command.

- A tree of the backup directories (including size) is shown when you use the
-l option and a tree is shown when creating the backup.

version 1.2.2
Fixes a bug in case the path to the backup directory ends with a slash and auto-exclusion directories have been defined.

version 1.2.1
Minor bugfix release. A change log can be found in the README file.

version 1.2.0
More functionality added. A change log can be found in the README file.

version 1.1.1

-Fixed: full backup paths now written to DVD.

version 1.1:

- Added: command line options for more power and flexibility (multiple
back-up directories, burn speed, list default settings and help).

- Added: option to set custom burn speed setting during install.

- Improved error handling (when trying to back-up non-existing directories).

- Added: command to change default settings (backupdvdinstall).

- Added: more verbose log file when back-up doesn't fit a DVD.

- Fixed: changed some cryptic messages into userfriendly ones.

- Fixed: changed erroneous 'dvdbackup' into 'backupdvd' in message at end of

- Changed: log file is now placed in the home directory instead of the
directory to be backed-up.


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