Portlock Volume Defragment for NetWare (Version 2.03)


A common belief is that Novell NetWare volumes do not become fragmented and that defragmentation is not important. This is simply not true. There are many good reasons to defragment volumes. For example: after adding a new volume segment to a volume, the new segment contains no user data. By defragmenting the volume, data is redistributed evenly across all volume segments. System administrators can now measure the performance affects that fragmentation causes.

Key Features:

  • Complete volume optimization
  • Defragments all NetWare volume data areas
  • Redistribute data across a volume after a new segment is added
  • Supports Partition Mirroring and Multi-Segment volumes
  • Supports any size NetWare volume
  • Very fast and reliable
  • Supports execution from scripts
  • Supports Traditional and NSS volumes
  • NetWare 3.x, 4.x and 5.x


  • Defragments Primary and Secondary Directory Tables
  • Defragments Primary and Secondary Extended Directory Tables
  • Defragments Block Suballocation Tables
  • Defragments File Data
  • Defragments Extended File Data
  • Support for moving files which have not been accessed for a while towards the end of the volume
  • Support for moving deleted files which have not yet been purged towards the end of the volume
  • Support for changing the order of Directory Table entries
  • Support for changing the order of Block Suballocation Table entries

Download an evaluation release supporting NetWare volumes up to 1000 MB or purchase a copy with no volume size restrictions.

This version does not support mounted volumes.


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