Group Wake on LAN


This is a quick little utility I put together based on a code snippet I found on the Net.

This script queries LDAP for workstations that are members of specified groups. The script then uses the "zenwmMACAddress" attribute of workstation objects to send a Wake on LAN packet to eachworkstation.

I use this script to power on all of the workstations locatedin our library each morning.

To use this script you will need Perl and the Net::LDAP module then,just customize the script to fit your environment.

The following four changes are absolutely necessary:

1. Edit the first line to reflect your path to Perl.
2. Place the full DN to each workstation group you wish to wake in the"wakeup_groups" array. (notice the lack of a trailing comma on the lastgroup in the array)
3. Edit the search_base variable to reflect your tree's organization.
4. Edit "ldapservername" to reflect the name of your LDAP server.

Any other changes you may need to make should be self-explanatory by using the comments in the script.


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