NetWare File Server Activity Daemon (fadmn.nlm 2.00.a and fadmnexp.nlm 0.01.a)


FADmn.nlm - Displays file activity on server. File activity log displayed on fadmn console screen.

fadmnexp.nlm - This module can write information given by fadmn.nlm to system console, wtite to log file, or send information to other network services by UDP (syslog, as example)

fadmn.nlm use:

load fadmn.nlm

fadmnexp.nlm use:
load fadmnexp.nlm [write_console]
[write_log [max ] [count ]]
[send_udp host [port ]] [bind ] [bindport ]
Parameters are:
write_console - OPTIONAL;
use this key for output to system console
write_log - OPTIONAL;
use this key for writing to log file
logfname - log file name (maybe full path to file)
max <logsize> - maximum log file size in MBytes (default: 600)
count <logcount> - maximum number of log files (default: 10)
send_udp - OPTIONAL;
use this key for sending info over UDP (syslog, as usual)
host <lhost> - target UDP host (dotted string format, or dns name)
port <lport> - target port on target host (decimal, default: 514)
bind <addr> - bind to local address before sending packets
bindport <port> - bind to local port before sending packets

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