Choppit - get the last abend.log entry quickly

Simply drop choppit.exe in your server's sys:system directory. After an abend just start it from there (mapped drive or UNC) to open the last Abend in your Window's NOTEPAD.EXE, that's it.

How it works:
- looks for ABEND.LOG in choppit's folder
- reads in the full ABEND.LOG to an array
- searches backwards for "Abend 1"
- searches backwards for the "*" asterik line
- saves from that line to the end of the array
- Save File = [desktopdir]\ ABEND-serername-Chopped.TXT
- The servername is taken from the ABEND.LOG

The program is written in Autoit3 scripting language.

Never need it -- I mean, don't face ABENDs

Regards, Rudi.


Comment List
  • Love your work. Simple but effective. It would be nice to be able to run from one location and look at other server's ABEND logs. Makes it quicker to run across WAN links. With some of my servers it can take a couple of minutes to download the EXE to run it. Even if it is just some sort of CFG file that goes with it that we can put in a list of server names and they come up in a pick list when you run it. Rather than looking in the current location it uses the given server names and appends the ABEND.LOG location