PC Shutdown for Windows XP


Requires dotNet Framework. Copy both files into a folder on the computer's hard drive for best results.

Each day at the appointed time as scheduled in a force-run Zen app, this utility pops up on the screen, obscuring other windows so the user can't miss it. The screen displays a warning that the computer will shut down in 15 minutes, while a timer shows the countdown. Just click on "Continue Working" to abort the shutdown any time before the countdown completes; otherwise, at the end of the countdown all files are closed and Windows shuts down. Works even with Novell password-protected locked workstation. We schedule this via Zen to run twice, once when most of our users have left for the day and again in the wee hours of the morning in case a user canceled the first run but later left the computer logged in. Since implementing this, backups run better (no files left open) and scheduled server reboots hang less frequently.


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