Schema Utilities


ReadClass32 and ReadAttr32 are a pair of schema utilities that prints out class and attribute definitions from your tree. They are based on the Novell example code, dgreadcs and dgreadat, found at However, we ported the DOS code to Win32 platform and added a command-line option to enable table-generation.

What's New

Version 2.0 allows for output in "dump" format and "table" format.


  1. These Win32 applications will make use of the Unicode files installed as part of the Novell Client, so no additional files are required. However, no error checking are performed (as they are based on example code) should the required Unicode files are not found.

  • Since the utility is released as a freeware, bug fixes/enhancements etc. may be given a lower priority when compared with our other products.


The installation of ReadClass32 and ReadAttr32 is rather straightforward. Simply copy the two EXE files to a folder of your choice. The folder can be local on the workstation (preferred) or on the server.


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