SCRIPT is a pair of DOS command-line utilities (xSCRIPT and iSCRIPT) that can help you to backup and restore NDS login scripts. xSCRIPT allows you to extract any NDS (such as container or a user) login script and write it to a text file. Later on, you can use iSCRIPT to import the text file back into NDS. Documentation included.

Tested on NetWare 4.x and NetWare 5.

Two variations of SCRIPT are available. This version is a Freeware version. In the Freeware version of iSCRIPT, the -c and -q switches are disabled; the Freeware version of xSCRIPT has the -bypass, -c, -f, -q, and -v switches disabled (i.e. the Freeware version will only display the login script on the screen).

You are granted an unlimited usage for the Freeware version at no cost. However, you are not allowed to sell or package this utility as part of another software package or service contract. Bottom line: you cannot make money using this Freeware version. All standard Freeware limitation applies



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