NDS-Enabled Office (NEO) & Administration Guide


NDS-Enabled Office is a convenient and practical utility that allows you to provide your users with standard forms and documents that will automatically be filled in with data from their NDS objects. By implementing NDS-Enabled Office, your users will no longer need to complete tedious forms that ask for the same user and department information over and over again.

Using ActiveX controls and Visual Basic scripts, NDS-Enabled Office is compatible with forms and documents created with MS Office applications such as Word and Excel. NDS-Enabled Office also supports Web forms via the Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator browsers.

The NDS-Enabled Office Administration Guide provides all the information you need to install and use NDS-Enabled Office. You will find step-by-step instructions on installing the NDS-Enabled Office software on your users' workstations, creating MS Office documents and Web forms that will read data from the directory, as well as example templates, and help on how to use the Profile Manager tool.

Download the NDS-Enabled Office Administration Guide.



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