PowerOff your Server


Sometimes it might be necessary for whatever reason to shutdown your server at a given time. While it is possible to down the server with a NCF from cron, the shutdown doesn't proceed if there are files open. There are some NLM tools which can do a forced shutdown, but even then the server remains powered on. So I wrote ATXOFF.NLM, a small NLM which is able to switch off the server after a (forced) shutdown with modern hardware. The server hardware must support APM 1.2, which is true with main boards that use ATX-based power supplies.

ATXOFF.NLM is tested with NetWare 3.x to 6.x; it's been available for two years with more than 1100 downloads, and no one has ever replied that it doesn't work or that it abends.

Sometimes other options are needed: reset, restart, or on 3.x/4.x - exit, for this I have written XDOWN.NLM which provides these functions in addition to atxoff. The restart function does not work with NetWare 3.x.


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