SayIt is a simplistic tool for creating message boxes containing custom text, running on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. The tool will allow you to send messages to your users out of - for example - login scripts or NAL scripts. It may be especially useful if there is no other output presented to the user (e.g. you have disabled the results window of the login script and still want to inform your users about something).

Place the executable in a central place and give the user Read and Filescan rights to sayit.exe.

sayit {your message}

sayit The server will be downed at 02:00pm!

If used in a NetWare script:
@\\myserver\sys\public\sayit The server will be downed at 02:00pm!

Be sure to add a hard return at the end of the sayit statement. SayIt will display virtually any character given at the command line. The given text will be centered in the message box and a OK button is displayed to close the box. The message box contains the text "Please note!" as the caption to the message window. If used from the command prompt, you may add as many characters as allowed by the command prompt buffer. Restrictions apply if used in text or script editors. Currently, there are no other options to customize SayIt.



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