Installing Citrix XenApp 6 & its Web Interface Utilizing Novell Domain Services for Windows for Active Directory Style Authentication - Part 2


By: Norm O’Neal

2010 Novell Knowledge Partner

Open Horizons-US/Midwest

Integrity Network Solutions

Now that we have proven Novell Domain Services for Windows works correctly as the User Authentication Source for Citrix XenApp 6, here is the official install and configuration of the Server.

CitrixRegistered XenAppTM is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any WindowsRegistered application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. In use by over 100 million users worldwide, XenApp delivers on the promise of proven application compatibility.

Lets go directly to the install!

  • Install and configure a Microsoft SQL Server in prep for the XenApp Farm. Keep in mind you do NOT have to use SQL but we as a Team choose to.

  • Install and configure Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

  • Prepare the installer of XenApp6 and run Setup.exe

Click next after accepting the license agreement

Now choose XenApp and the License Server HOWEVER keep in mind that Citrix now has a Virtual Appliance for the license server that can be directly imported to your Citrix XenServer. I like it a lot! See Citrix for more info

Make sure you choose the XML Service IIS Integration

Click Next understanding the prerequisites

Click next

The installer presents everything that is going to take place during the install, click install

Sit and be patient while the installer runs. Notice, at this point we need a reboot. Once the server reboots the installer will resume.

Resume install

Click install


Now configure your new XenApp Farm

Create a new Farm OR join an existing Farm. Here we will create a new Farm

Name your farm and click next

We will enter the license server information later via a Citrix XenApp 6 Policy

Now we will connect to the SQL Server that was installed and configured before the XenApp 6 install

You need proper credentials back to your SQL Server

Click next

Make sure you ALWAYS enable shadowing during the install. You can disable it later. If you do not enable it during the install, you cannot change it later.

I always choose the default zone. This can be modified later

Click next as we will configure XML later via a policy

I leave this blank as the WI is not installed yet however you can type it in:

Click next

Now we are ready for the installer to configure the farm for us per our settings!

Total Success!

A reboot is now required! Once the reboot takes place we will configure the License Server

Now configure License Server

We leave the defaults, acknowledge your information and click OK. Now you have a license server manager under Start, Program Files, Citrix

Now lets Discover your new Farm by opening your Citrix Delivery Services Console under Start, Programs, Citrix. Click next

Uncheck Single Sign on as we did not configure it yet, click next

Add your local computer, click next and Voila. Your Farm will appear in your left hand column of the Citrix Delivery Services Console

Now that your farm is ready to manage we need to setup your default Policy for your Licensing Server and your XML Services. Highlight Policies and give it a minute. Click on the Computer button in the middle. Edit your default policy which is named "Unfiltered"

Highlight Unfiltered and click "Edit"

Now properly modify your License Server information and XML Services.

Once you are finished run GPUPDATE from the command line and you are good to go!

Now we need to add your license file. Click on Start, Program Files, Citrix, License Administration Console

Click on Vendor Daemon Configuration

Now Import your license file that you obtained from www.MYCITRIX.COM

Lets NOT stop now, we are having to much fun. Lets configure the Citrix Web Interface and prepare for the Citrix Secure Gateway

  • Install and configure Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

  • Now lets go back to your Citrix XenApp 6 Installer

Click Install XenApp Server

Now choose Web Interface

Please choose Web Interface and Secure Gateway

Click next

Click next

Click next

Now configure your Web Interface

Click next

Choose XenApp Web

Accept the defaults and make sure you choose "Set as the default page for the IIS site"

Click next

Configure the site now and click next

Add your XenApp Server(s) and make sure you choose the correct XML Port, click next

Please choose Explicit and click next

Allow any domains for now, click next

I like the Full appearance of the Web Interface, click next

Choose dual mode and click next

Confirm your settings and click FINISH

Now you can navigate to your favorite Citrix Web Interface:

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