One of my Windows pet peeves is when attempting to delete a large directory, and I get a "Confirm Delete" dialog with a Yes To All button option, and I select it, then walk away and return later to find that there's another Confirm Delete dialog, asking me whether I want to delete some other file/directory. I press Yes To All again, and may still get prompted again with the same Yes To All option. Apparently, Yes To All doesn't actually mean "Yes to all"! Been there?

Also, it seems to take Windows Explorer a long time to delete large directories, where-as a command prompt command, rm (path-to-dir) /s/q is much quicker.

Trying to do file/directory management by deleting old/large directories with this recurring prompt can be tedious, frustrating, and time consuming. So I built my own utility, DelTreeW.exe (Delete Tree for Windows) to make quick work of this typical task. This especially works nice for large network directories.

Manually run DelTreeW to have a Send To extension added to your right-click context menu:

Now, you can browse to a directory, and multi-select directories you want to delete, right-click, Send To ..., Delete Tree:

You'll be prompted to confirm. DelTreeW with ask for your confirmation for each selected directory prior to deleting. To delete all selected directories without being prompted, simply hold down the CTRL key while selecting OK, as the window title reminds you:

This will do a "command level" delete, faster than Windows Explorer, and without all the nagging prompts!

As an added bonus, when all the deleting is finished, it will provided you a summary of the total space freed!



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    Updated tool: Someone alerted me to an error the tool produced after deleting the selected directories. This has been resolved. Please download the updated version. Sorry, it was a bad oversight on my part.