Portlock Boot Wizard (Version 1.0)


Portlock Boot Wizard is designed to combine the necessary files to create a TCP/IP-enabled diskette for use with Portlock Storage Manager. The Portlock Boot Wizard can create a TCP/IP-enabled diskette for the computer the user is operating from, for another computer on the network, or you can manually specify the network adapter driver to use.

In most cases, Portlock Boot Wizard will dynamically detect the driver associated with the adapters on the local or remote accessed systems and present the user with a choice for each adapter found on the selected system.

For non-network attached computers Portlock Boot Wizard has provided a scan program that can be used from a floppy diskette inserted into the stand-alone machine to capture the network configuration information. This information can then be imported into Portlock Boot Wizard to produce the desired TCP/IP-enabled diskette. The floppy diskette can also be created so that it is bootable.

Check out the Portlock Boot Wizard product page at: http://www.portlock.com/products/BootWizard/index.htm to find out more information on this new product from Portlock Software.


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