Delete Pool Snapshots on OES2 Linux Server

by Vijayababu Dandi

Utility for deleting pool snapshots on a OES2 Linux Server.


  1. Perl must be installed and running on the Linux server where this utility will be used.


This tool can be used to delete:

  1. Specified Pool Snapshot

  • Snapshots taken on particular pool

  • All Snapshots on OES2 Linux server.

It uses Virtual File Services (Originally called Virtual File Services for NetWare) for the deletion of the Snapshots.

How to use the utility:

From a terminal prompt type:

Perl <enter>

Following menu will be displayed:

  1. Delete pool snapshot

  • Delete all pool snapshots

  • Delete snapshots taken on particular pool

  • Exit

A sample output on selecting 1 would be:

<Lists all the pool snapshots existing on the machine and prompts snapshot name to be deleted>

Select action: 1
Snapshot Name : SNAP1
Snapshot Name : SNAP2
Snapshot Name : SNAP3
Snapshot Name : SNAP4
Snapshot Name : SNAP5

Enter the Snapshot name: snap5
Delete Snapshot SNAP5(Yes/No): Yes
If the user provides “Yes” as input, the utility will delete the snapshot.
pool snapshot SNAP5 deleted

A sample output on selecting 2 would be:

Select action: 2
Delete all pool snapshots (Yes/No): Yes
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP1
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP2
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP3
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP4

A sample output on selecting 3 would be:

Select action: 3
Existing Pools:
Enter the Pool Name: pool1
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP2
Deleting pool snapshot: SNAP3


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