CleanQ for NIMS 3 on Linux


CleanQ directly accesses the queue on an NMAP server to remove certain messages from the queue. CleanQ will remove any entry that matches the specified (from) line. The match is made left-to-right; so if you specify -f:a all messages from senders that start with 'a' will be removed.Might not be what you want, so be specific!

It also allows you to log the matched entries and/or all entries' from lines to a specified file. Can come in handy to get an idea of what's in the queue,especially if used with the -n switch.

This utility is provided as is, with no warranty whatsoever. To the best of my knowledge it performs the task it was written for. If it doesn't what you want it to do, I will not fix or change anything. I am not responsible for damage.

Requires NIMS 2.5 or higher.

CleanQ -f:(from) [-n] [-a:(logfilepath)] [-l:(logfilepath)]

-f:(from) -- Specifies what to match in the from line (ie.
-n -- If specified, cleanq will not remove matched entries
-a:(path)-- Log all From: lines in file (path)
-l:(path)-- Log matching From: lines in file (path)



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