Blackbird DeTroubler for eDirectory


Today, directories are critical components used to manage identities and information resources on an unprecedented scale. Any unintentional change to the directory - whether it's caused by an object deletion, a faulty script, or hardware failure - can bring daily business operations to a grinding halt.

DeTroubler is a necessary tool in your disaster recovery plan, providing immediate, online restoration that minimizes downtime. In minutes, any single object or attribute can be recovered. In critical cases, the entire directory can be recovered, including the schema. The DeTroubler interface is easy to use, and backups can be automated. Both Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory are supported.


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DeTroubler provides maximum flexibility and granular control during the recovery process, letting administrators recover just what's needed-whether it's the full tree, a portion of the directory, individual objects, even individual attributes. This granular control minimizes overall impact, as an individual attribute can be recovered without affecting other attributes or disrupting any online end users.

There's no need to replace your current disaster recovery solutions. DeTroubler focuses exclusively on directory services for eDirectory and Active Directory, enabling you to fill this critical need and protect your existing backup investment.


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