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Harrods or Walgreens

A couple of months ago I was kicking back on a tour bus making its way into London. As we rolled through the streets on our way to the Grosvenor House, we passed by the famous Harrods department store. Our tour guide told us about Harrods motto, Omnia Omnibus Ubique — All Things for All People, Everywhere. Well our tour guide wasn't joking, with about 330 departments and over one million square feet of selling space, you could buy about anything you wanted at Harrods.

A legendary story is told about a man that asked a Harrods store assistant if he could buy an Elephant. "African or Indian, Sir?", was said to be the reply. Harrods may be a great place for one-stop shopping, but it might not be the place you want to shop to quickly find some shampoo and vitamins. You would probably be better off going to Walgreens.

OES Upgrade Community

In a similar vein, Novell has a breadth of information out on its community pages, but we found some customers had a difficult time parsing through all the information to get their hands specifically on all upgrade related content.

With the new OES Upgrade community site, we have implemented a page that is focused on giving you the content solely related to Upgrades to the OES Linux platform. We have also created a new tag "Upgrading to OES" which can be used to submit future content to this site. The goal is that this new site will serve as a "one-stop shopping" resource for all things related to OES Upgrades.

Upgrade to Open Enterprise Server community page:



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