HKUser Registry Editor



This program can be used to add or/and delete Registry Keys and Values.

It is mainly useful if some programs need to have keys in the HKCU area, and the users are volatile, so the settings won't stay permanent. In such a case loading the defaultuser registry file (ntuser.dat) and importing the keys will solve the problem, as the new generated user will use the defaultuser registry template.


[Path]\load_hive.exe [Path]\"registry data file"

Syntax of the registry data file:

C:\Docume~1\Defaul~1\ntuser.dat        \\ location and name of the users registry tree
[HKEY_USERS\MYUSER]        \\ name of the key to load the registry tree to

[ADDREG]        \\ after this section key word the entries are following to add

[HKEY_USERS\MYUSER\SOFTWARE\TEST]        \\ just note that the reference to the key has to be adopted
"Impersonate"=dword:00000001        \\ to the name of the registry tree name you have chosen!




Note: the syntax of the registry data file is very strict. The format used for the Keys and the Values is the same as in a REGEDIT4 file.

This Program is FREE and distributed with the source code.

Send any modifications made to the supplied source code to for further development.

As usual, I take no responsibility for the correct operation of this program.


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