Maintenance SPK

Software used:
OES NetWare / NetWare 6.5 sp 2 and sp 4a

ZENworks Server Management 7.0


OES Support Pack 2, NW6.5 Support Pack 5

Post SP5 NSS modules for NetWare 6.5

NetWare 6.5 SP5 Updated SERVER.EXE


ConsoleOne with the ZENworks 7.0 Server Management snap-ins

The current OES NetWare Support Pack (nw65sp5.exe) has the tools to use a ZENworks CPK to push the support pack to all of your servers in your enterprise. Several articles have been written that show how using SPKs / CPKs can save time and effort in maintaining and upgrading servers across the network. What is currently not included in some of the maintenance patches are baseline SPKs to assist in installing those patches.

So, our IT Dept. have taken the SPK provided in the nw65sp5.exe Support Pack and modified it so that we can easily install the minimum patches and any other .ips based program for an OES NetWare server. We have also tested this SPK with NetWare 5.1 and ZENworks 3.x.

To use this SPK, I recommend that your read through the documentation provided in the Support Pack found under \TOOLS\ZFS\ZFSSP.PDF. This documentation is accurate so I will not re-write it, but there are a few items that may be confusing in it, and I will attempt to clear those up and add the steps needed to use the maintenance.spk.

First off, you will need to create a directory on one of your local drives ( C: ) called 'spack'. Under 'spack' create a directory called 'nwsp' or I prefer 'nw65sp5'. Explode the Support Pack and copy it to the 'c:\spack\nwsp' directory. This will help you find some of the items needed in SPK. Under 'c:\spack' also create two directories called 'TID2973412' and 'TID2973639'. Take the files from those downloads and copy them to those directories. You will also need to download the StuffKey utility. I then copied that under 'c:\spack\stuffkey'.

In ConsoleOne you will want to insert the maintenance.spk into the Server Software Packages. Right-click on the package and select Properties. You will want to change the name to the TID you are working on, i.e. TID2973412. In this properties page you will also need to change the values of several variables, they are:

dest_vol - Enter the path to the destination volume, i.e. sys: or data:

user_id - Enter userid.context here, i.e. .admin.novell

pwd - Enter password for the user above, i.e. MyPassword

alert_server - SNMP Server and context, i.e. .MMS.ZENworks.Novell

alert_tree - Tree which server above reside in, i.e. Corp-Tree

tid_num - Enter the number of the TID, i.e. 2973412

ips_file - Enter the name of the .ips file in the TID, i.e. install.ips

These variables are used through the rest of the components in the SPK. Please be very accurate in what you enter into these variables.

Follow the instructions in the ZFSSP.PDF for most of the remaining steps, the files that get copied to the server and the CPHelper file. The additional step you will need to do is create a file called 'closer.txt' which is the control file for StuffKey and contains the following:

# Make the NWConfig screen the current screen for these commands

     <screen=NWConfig Screen>

     # Pause for 5 seconds

     <5000 pause>

     # Send an F10 to accept the programs to install


     # Pause for 2 minutes to wait for the programs to install

     # run the install manually in a test environment and adjust this value as needed.

     <120000 pause>

     # Send a "Enter" to close the NWConfig screen


     # Finished

By using the instructions in ZFSSP.PDF and those provided here, you should be able to compile the CPKs for TID 2973412 and 2973639 and push those patches out to all of your OES NetWare SP 2 / NetWare 6.5 sp 5 servers, and if you have not yet gotten to those patch levels, use the NWSP.SPK in the Support Pack to push out that patch.


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