Applogin (32-bit)


This program is designed to load balance application servers at login time. This program will check the file servers listed in its INI file for the one with the least number of connections and return a value indicating the server choice that was made. This program can be included in NetWare login scripts to select the application server to use at login time.

This program allows us to distribute the load across our application servers. It also has the advantage that we could "disable" one of the servers via the INI file. Then in a few days, we can take the server down for maintenance and not have users loose access to their applications. In our setup, we have three application file servers. A copy of all our applications is kept on each one. We use the NT Resource kit tool ROBOCOPY to keep the three file servers in sync.

ALOGIN32 is a simple application meant to be used in a login script but just as well could be used in a batch file, I suppose.



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