Open Enterprise Server customers: Take advantage of your Novell Filr entitlements


You know your users are storing corporate data in consumer-oriented cloud solutions, and you need to get control of that. The familiar tools like Dropbox or Skydrive may be fine for holiday photos, but when employees start using them to store corporate data…well, IT rightly gets concerned.

A Forrester research study indicates that 22% of all information workers are using non-IT sanctioned file sync and share solutions on their mobile devices. It’s time you offered an enterprise alternative.

Novell Filr gives mobile professionals direct access to the home folders, shared network folders and personal files you’ve already secured—no matter what device they’re using or where they are. The difference is that it keeps file access and sharing completely under IT control.

Because it’s built for the enterprise, Novell Filr:
• Leverages your existing on-premise file systems
• Offers IT detailed sharing controls
• Works with Microsoft Active Directory and NetIQ eDirectory
• Requires no re-creation of access rights, quotas or backup systems
• Helps users not only share files, but collaborate on those files

Best of all, Novell Open Enterprise Server or Novell Open Workgroup Suite customers with current maintenance are entitled to Novell Filr. Visit the Novell Customer Center to view your entitlements and start giving your users the ability to access and share their files from anywhere and from any device—while retaining IT control.

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