Mass Home Directory Scripts


Mass Home Directory creator
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Script for the creation of home directories on NNLS. It uses the LDIF file you would have created to import large numbers of users into NNLS. It extracts the CN field to use as the Username. The Group field to use as the group. Creates the directory. Copies the skeleton files into the directory and then changes the permissions for the user and group.

It can create a single user if you specify the User name and Group or all users if you specify an LDIF file.

There must be one LDIF file per LUM Group

Parameters: path to LDIF file (all users)
User Group (single user)

Mass Home Directory deleter

Deletes the home directories of all users that were specified in the LDIF file. Useful if in the implementation phase you realize that you need to recreate the user set because of various issues.

Parameter: path to LDIF file.


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