LDAP Export tool

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ldapexporter

A few weeks ago a client asked me "How do we get the data out of our LDAP directory?". I thought about this for a few seconds and came up with the usual suspects: Softerra, LBE, Apache Directory Studio, custom Perl script (and PHP), some sort of Javascript implementation. There are, basically, many options available but, amazingly, none that were my 'go to'.

About 10 years ago I had written a Perl script for another client, so I dusted off the cobwebs and used that. Even though it was written in the last decade, it worked like a charm.  The problem was, it was command line, the client needed Perl (Strawberry Perl in this case for Windows), and it did not support LDAPS.

Therefore, I just decided to write my own exporter application. It has a nice GUI, it supports LDAPS, it works cross platform; well, the main functions are listed below:

Compiled for Windows 32bit, Windows 64bit, and Linux 64bit.

Export to LDIF (both add and delete options)

Export to XLS

Export to CSV

Support for LDAPS

Multithreaded during the retrieval of LDAP results

Support for multivalued attributes

Allow deletion/moving of Columns in results grid

Allow deletion of Rows in results grid

Save, Delete, and Load profiles

Automatic restore of previously used session

'Scratch Pad' feature allows saving notes with profiles

The profile passwords and profile Scratch Pad contents are encrypted

Schema supports attribute completion to assist with large schemas

Open Source, so it is free to use!



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