SUSE 10.1 is out. Unfortunatly, there is no DVD available yet. Also, some
products drom SUSE are not available as DVD ISO, like Beta's or SLES. It
is, however, much easier to have just one DVD instead of several CDs and
that is where makeSUSEdvd comes into play.

Just download makeSUSEdvd from and install it. Next you
download the ISOs you'd like to turn into a DVD, like the 6 CDs of SUSE 10.1
and place them by themselves into a directory.

Open a terminal and go to the directory where the CDs are and simply run

It is possible that your current create_package_descr is not up to date.
The program explains how to install this.

You are also asked to make a gpg key, if none is available on your system.
This is also explained by the program.

After the program is run, you have a ready DVD in the directory DVD_DIR in
your current directory.

You can even add your own RPMs that you have downloaded or created. By
default these are in /usr/src/packages/RPMS/* and you can include them
with the option -a: `makeSUSEdvd -a /usr/src/packages/RPMS/` and you will
be able to install them during installation.

A more complete explanation of the program can be found on


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