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AnyKey is proud to release the latest version of AnyKey AnyFile 2007 R1.2.5. The solution for home users and business users to the ever growing need to transfer large files or folders to another user somewhere on the internet.

AnyFile does not email the files, it collects them and prepares them for download by the other party. They get an email on how to download en extract the files and folders.

Encryption and self extracting is supported, making AnyFile very secure.

Sending large attachements is no longer neccesary. Use AnyFile instead. Ask your system administrator for implementation.

AnyFile R1.2.5 Update, new feature: XML reporting -> download


  • Allow multiple files and folders to be sent at once

  • Secure by encrypting the files and folders.

  • Convenient, allow for self extracting files.

  • Multi language Client side (currently English, Dutch, German, French and Swedish)

  • Limit size of total files/folders in MBs (administrator setting)

  • Minimum and maximum expiration time

  • Change Client settings from server with policies and policy update

  • Policy locking so user can't change some settings in violation with company/administrators policy

  • Wizard like user interface

  • Remembers last used from/to/subject and/or message.

  • More stable, complete rewritten code

  • XML logging (R125)

  • And best of all, it is freeware for personal and business use.

Read the disclaimer

Revision history: SERVER

Revision History: R1.2.6 (Server)

* Fixed: Calculate GB value to put in email. >GB value was not shown.

* Fixed: Added, auto disable SFX when input folder is over 4 GB. (EXE files over 4 GB don't work)

* Added: Splitting with large input folders.

Revision History AFS R1.2.5

New: XML reporting. Every file that is uploaded by the user is listed in the XML file, including other useful information.

New: Enable or Disable: Work logging, Debug logging and XML logging.

Revision History AFS R1.2.4

Fixed: AnyFile to: delivery completed to sending user has the wrong email address in the <email> field. It has the sender email adres instead of the recipients email address. (20080221, self discovered) (I123.2)

Fixed: AnyFile server, test email emails to Administrator email address instead of testfield email address. Workaround. Enter something in the 'Sent testmail to' field and enter the test email address in the Administrator field and press the 'Sent test message' button. This will work. (20080220, self discovered) (I123.1)

Revision History AFS R1.2.3

New: Completely rewritten SMTP engine, more robust, reliable and flexible

New: SMTP queue viewer (emails that have not been sent can be viewed here)

New: Clean Out Viewer (check out the items not cleaned out yet)

New: Locking mechanism to prevent multi AFServer.exe instances from one folder

New: Download size added to outbound email. (AFS Signature)

Changed: Deleting multiple Clean Out items from database at once instead of one by one.

Changed: Process Email Q after a complete GO run, instead of after each job. This caused the SMTP retry to be exhausted before the GO run was complete.

Removed: 8 useless log lines every timed go run, no work, no info

Revision history: CLIENT

Revision History R1.2.6 (Client)

* Added: autoquit after finish.

* Fixed: Wrong folder size in summary when files are over 2 GB.

Revision History AFC R1.2.5

Included About box with useful information

Revision History AFC R1.2.4

Changed version number for cosmetic reasons only.

Revision History AFC R1.2.3

New: Drag and drop implemented for file and folder selection

New: Color scheme 'white' has been added as requested by several users

New: Folder existence and INI file check

Added new languages: French and Swedish

Fixed: TAB bug in Add Message screen, when using TAB to browse the buttons and text boxes the text already in the TO field will be repeated.

Fixed: Apply button is now multi language

Fixed: When you have selected a folder in one language, and you change the AFC language and Finish the wizard. Folder copy will fail because of the language specific (: Folder text in the drop zone. Now you can change language as much as you like.

Update History R1.1.2:

AFServer.exe update version R1.1.2 (Client version unchanged). The cleanup of the wwwroot didn't work. The delete was never done. You might have any orphaned items in WWWROOT folder. You can check out the debug logs, and search for a line called: "Yep, FN is expired", when found remember the foldername behind this line and search for that folder in the WWWROOT folder. Then manually delete these folders. When still in test face, simply use the Clean ALL button on the AFServer and delete all folders in the WWWROOT after that. New version put delete succes or delete failed in the DEBUG log.

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