The CNW Commander V2.53


The CNW Commander has been tested in the following OS environments:

  • NetWare OES (with or without SP3)

  • NetWare 6.5 (with or without SP6)

  • NetWare 6 (with or without SP5)

  • NetWare 5.1 (with or without SP8)

  • NetWare 5 (with or without SP6A)

  • NetWare 4.11/4.2 (with or without SP8A or SP9)

The CNW Commander is the ultimate file manager of the NetWare server console.

Its main features:

  • two panels

  • perform NDS and bindery authentication to remote servers

  • deal with local and remote volumes

  • history and favorites

  • full cluster-compatibility

  • access the local SYS:_NETWARE directory

  • deal with local DOS drives

  • handle DOS and LONG names

  • select directories/files

  • copy and rename/move directories/files

  • transfer LONG name, flags, rights, ownership, and directory quota

  • preserve compression

  • delete directories/files

  • create directories

  • set flags of directories/files

  • view files

  • text, binary, hexadecimal, and double-byte views

  • search

  • edit files

  • search and replace

  • undo and redo

  • find files

  • find/salvage/purge deleted files

  • advanced search options: search by text/size/date

  • export results to file

  • directory/file information

  • open file information

  • volume information

  • server information

  • compare panels

  • directory tree

  • purge deleted files

  • uncompress files

  • change the LONG name of single directories/files

  • open emergency console

  • restart local server in a brutal way

  • generate file SERVDATA.NDS

  • zip/unzip by using HRZIP.NLM/HRUNZIP.NLM

  • split file / join files

  • compare files by content


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