SLES Installation Directory Structure


This program is useful if you plan on having a SLES9 installation server
hosted on a server with a different distribution than SLES9, hence not
having the YaST tools to create the structure for you.

Download the script to your server, and chmod x the script to make it


# ./ -h

Usage: [ OPTIONS ]

ATTENTION: Do not leave a space between the switch letter and its

Example: -d/var/inst/sles9 -m/mnt/cdrom -p


[-d destination directory] Default: /exports/sles9

[-e cdrom device] Default: /dev/cdrom

[-m cdrom mount point] Default: /media/cdrom

[-s sles9 final directory name] Default: SLES9

[-c core9 final directory name] Default: CORE9

[-P SPx final directory name] Default: SLES9_SP3

[-p SP level] include SPx CDs   Default: 3

[-h] Display this help message

This program will prompt you to insert your sles9 CDs one by one and
copy them to the directory of your choice. It will then symlink the
necessary files, and create the instorder and order files for you.

It is expected that you enter the CDs in the right order, as prompted,
since no check is being made on the CD inserted.

You then only have to configure your httpd next to have your sles9 http
installation server.

12-20-05 Update Corrected typo in the yast/order file.

1-20-05 Update - bumped version to 0.4

  • added functionality for SP3 installation

  • '-p' switch now takes an argument to specify the SP level

  • Opportunity to merge the SP CDs to one directory. ReadMe specifies that
    all SP CDs should reside in one directory for the System Update to
    function, as YaST doesn't handle that properly yet.

7-19-06 Update

  • Added creation of symlinks to rpms directories

  • Removed question to merge CDs into one directory. Now automatic.

  • Pointed yast order files to merged directory, and not CD1


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