The CNW Editor V2.53


The CNW Editor is the ultimate EDIT.NLM replacement.

Why may you want to replace EDIT.NLM? Because The CNW Editor ...

  • doesn't truncate a file too large to edit but refuses to edit it

  • provides an undo/redo feature

  • provides a search and a search-and-replace feature

  • displays cursor row and column

  • provides a more convenient clipboard feature

  • provides a more comfortable file system browsing

  • provides a history and a favorites feature

  • sorts current directory content by name/extension/size/date

  • displays current directory content in brief / full / long names mode

  • displays file information (flags, long name, ...)

  • provides much, much more features

  • has some useful configurable options

  • remembers its user-set configuration (including current directory)

  • is free

Yes, The CNW Editor is freeware.

The CNW Editor has been tested in the following OS environments:

  • NetWare OES (with or without SP3)

  • NetWare 6.5 (with or without SP6)

  • NetWare 6 (with or without SP5)

  • NetWare 5.1 (with or without SP8)

  • NetWare 5 (with or without SP6A)

  • NetWare 4.11/4.2 (with or without SP8A or SP9)

The CNW Editor is cluster-compatible, i.e. it is able to deal with cluster



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