Port Address Translator


What can PAT do for me?

There are several scenarios in which PAT can help you:

  1. Your network is connected to the Internet with a NetWare router. You have only one valid IP address (the one of your router), and you want to run public accessible servers behind your router with private IPs.

  • You are moving your server (or any other important system) to another sub net or something similar. PAT can redirect the traffic to these systems without reconfiguring your clients.

  • You want to "collect" all traffic of a certain type and route it to only one address. For example, you can force your users to use internal SMTP server and they won't even notice they're using a different server.


The program is provided "AS IS." I am not responsible for any damages caused by PAT. Use this program at your own risk! It has been tested successfully with NetWare 6.0 SP2 & 3 for over three months. I can't promise for other versions of NetWare. Just give it a try!


For suggestions, bug reports, donations or whatever you have in mind, please drop me a line: info@sfi-online.net.


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