RconJ for Mac - Updated


Note: only tested on Mac OS X 10.4 (both Intel & PowerMac processors)

As I've recently updated to an Intel Mac and was inspired by this tip, I went tinkering today with my existing RconJ for Mac app (downloaded a while back from some generous soul...I don't recall who unfortunately).

The problems I wanted to address were....

-possibly old RconJ jars

-it ran using Java 1.3.1 (not very fast)

-it ran as a PowerPC application on Mac Intel hardware so it ran through Rosetta (which made it even slower)

The updated version runs using Java 1.5.0 and as a Universal application (so no Rosetta required). It now launches in about 1 second on my Intel iMac vs. 5-10 seconds for the previous one I'd been using.

To use, just unzip the file and double-click the app to start it. If you like to run multiple RconJ sessions (as I do frequently), just duplicate the app and run multiple copies.


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