Bootcd.iso with Samba Client


PROBLEM: I had a customer who wanted to use ZENworks Imaging in a Disaster Recovery Scenario. In this scenario they would be moving to a new building with only a few of their original servers being restored from backup (critical files only). The bottom line: They needed to be able to store and restore image files from Windows shares without the use of the ZENworks Imaging Server.

SOLUTION: I created a bootcd.iso version which contains the files necessary to use the Samba/SMB mount commands to be able to mount Windows Shares. (It doesn't work with domains very well in this configuration). This allowed them to restore their images from tape to a windows server/workstation, mount the file system and begin to restore images to workstations/servers.

EXAMPLE: To use: simply use your favorite ISO cd writing software to burn a CD from this ISO file. I have included a settings.txt file which is set to prompt, but you can overwrite with one of your own using the standard methodology for cutting the ISO (burn the ISO, then add the file and reburn). Use manual mode when booting for the CD, it should drop to an "ash-2.05#" prompt. Use 'mount -t smbfs ' to see the syntax for mounting a windows share. I tend to use the "/mnt/jazz" as an existing mount in the directory structure, but you can create/use whatever. Once the windows share is mounted use 'img' in "Local" rather then "Proxy" mode and select the Linux File System. Then your images would be located in "/mnt/jazz/image.zmg".

I did not alter a linux.2 yet, it seems to me if you have the PXE server, you probably don't need the Windows Share ability.


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