Upgrade automatically and unattended to OES11

You want to get on the latest software to get the best support and latest features - but what about all the time it takes to do the upgrade? Novell just made it simpler by providing an automated upgrade mechanism to get your OES2 64bit servers upgraded in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

The process is simple -

Setup a network install source for your servers that contains the OES11 / SLES files, along with a couple other pre-configured files the automated ugprade will use.

Before you down your server to be upgraded, run a script that will ask for your eDirectory password. This will encrypt the password making it available for the automated upgrade.

Next, reboot the server and start the upgrade, pointing the server to the installation source and configuration files. That's it.

Repeat the last two steps for all other servers on your network.

OES11 is ready for you...it's time to upgrade!

For more information see - http://www.novell.com/documentation/oes11/inst_oes_lx/data/byjo5tt.html

Download the software package and read the install instructions at


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  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    Hi Heiko,

    We do test upgrades with GW, iPrint and the other services. I am not sure of all the details around this, but it would be best to post this on the forums to get an answer. If you don't get a reply - you can message me directly through coolsolutions.
  • you have an OES2-Cluster with many nodes and many services on every node, like groupwise, iprint, dhcp, dns, ifolder, cifs,... ?
    An iprint-Update fails every time, if the node don't hold the iprint ressource, until today....
    Once more my Question: Someone test this way ?