LPRngInfo is a WinNT/2000 utility that will allow you to view and slightly manage your Unix based print queues. This program assumes you are using LPRng for your print system. Geared mainly for our helpdesk, this program presents an easy to use GUI environment to display the print activity on our Unix system. The main window allows you to see at a quick glance a summary of print queues. The LPRng print queues listed can come from multiple hosts if desired.

The SNMP_PP.DLL is included with the distribution of LPRngInfo. This DLL requires the WinSNMP library (WSNMP32.DLL). An evaluation version can be obtained from ACE*COMM at http://www.acecomm.com/.

There are two requirements for this program. This program was written to work with Windows NT (uses user security information to obtain the currently logged in user. If someone has a better way of doing this so it will work on Windows9x and NT/2000, feel free to modify the source and send me the update). It may work under Win9x, but I have not tested it.

The other requirement is that you use LPRng for your print system. LPRngInfo relies on the output from LPRng to populate the windows with information. LPR daemons for the various Unix systems will differ in the output and can't be used. This has been tested with LPRng version 3.5.3.


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