By Bryan Keadle

Sometimes you want to run or distribute a program, and want to be able to hide the window(s) it creates, such as this System Administrator posted on

Introducing RunHide.exe, a command line utility program that enables you to do just that.

RunHide /?

SYNTAX: RunHide (program) (parameters) (TIMEOUT=seconds) (TERM)

Run any named program as a hidden window. Programs launched with RunHide should not require any user interaction. Should the hidden program require any user interaction to continue, or pauses due to an error, the program will remain in memory until the user logs out of the computer or the computer is rebooted.

To accomodate any potential errors like this, specify a TIMEOUT value in seconds. If after the specified number of seconds, the launched program has not terminated, it will be forcefully terminated.

If you did not specify a TIMEOUT value, but you find the program is still running hidden, you may terminate the program by specifying the TERM option. For example:
      RunHide MyProgram TERM
This will kill all instances of MYPROGRAM.EXE


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