TRESTORE.BAT from NW411 for NW6


The handling of Long-Filenames under DOS is different between NetWare 4.x and NetWare 6, which makes it difficult to transfer trustees using commonly available tools like TBACKUP or others. Win32-Tools, which are able to handle long filenames correctly, like TCOPY32 and Wolfgang Schreiber's TRSTRPT, unfortunately have some limitations that could cause them to be unhelpful as well.

This little tool acts as an addon to TBACKUP and converts paths in TRESTORE.BAT from the "old" numbering system without "tilde" and starting with 0 into the "new" Windows aware numbering system using "tilde" and starting by 1. During the conversion, the target-paths are checked, so that a converted path is a) existing and b) the correct one.

The result contains the "old" statements as REMarked lines and the "new" statements. If - nobody is perfect - a path cannot be resolved, a REMark will notify you about that uncommon circumstance. In addition, an error log (t_error.log) will be created, which contains all the path statements causing problems.


t411to600.exe /in=[in(TRESTORE).BAT] /out=[out.BAT] /base=[BasePath]

/in= the TRESTORE.BAT to convert
/out= the RESULTS
/base= the base path for the conversation
(that of the CD command in the TRESTORE.BAT
write access is required to the base path to verify directories.

This tool is under GPL without any warranty and support and is (c) by Rudi Synoradzki 2003.



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